luxury & everyday
elegance & comfort
ready-to-wear & casual
detail & simplicity
classic & modern
responsible & sustainable

Converting these six concepts into our new project has led us to…

&. Look for evolution of two classic textiles, giving a new approach to the luxury of lace combined with the cotidianity of cotton.

&. Offer comfortable clothing that finds its elegance in the delicate applied designs.

&. Transfer the lace of the Prêt-à-porter to the most casual garment.

&. Show details only achieved with the lace and combine with the simplicity of the cotton, get different garments and for everyone..

&. Bring the classic concept of lace, to the modern day to day.

&. Be responsible for the use / care of the use of biological or recycled materials as main components in our clothing, achieving soft, respectful and sustainable fabrics with the environment.

With all this born LACE & COTO barcelona